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Fred's has been a family tradition in Franklin since 1945.  In 1945, Fred came to town to help his uncle at his bakery.  Fred took over the business in 1950 and turned it into the Franklin Arcade, a convenience store that sold beer and sandwiches at the bar.  Next door was a billiards parlor (what is now the main dining room at Fred's).  The Franklin Arcade also featured tobacco products and accessories, a juke box, pinball machines and more.  Fred lived in upstairs from the Franklin Arcade with his wife Miss Polly and their three boys Frank, John, and David until 1962. 

In 1967/68 the Franklin Arcade was remodeled and turned into a cafeteria style lunch restaurant but maintained the bar atmosphere.  During the remodeling, the upstairs was turned into office space and the pool room was also updatFred and his son Davided.  

There was a fire in the pool room in 1977 that also destroyed some of the upstairs office space.  After the fire, the pool room was tu rned into the main dining room while the bar and kitchen were updated. 

In 1979, David Fred's son came in full time to help run the restaurant.  Fred's was closed for 8 months in 1984 after a fire in the kitchen for  remodeling.  Everything was updated after this fire.  The upstairs was turned into a meeting/entertaining room and an elevator was built in to take guests upstairs.  

When Floyd flooded downtown Franklin in 1999 Fred's had to close for 8 months for repairs and remodeling.  When the restaurant re-opened in 2000 after the flood, the original Fred's sign was made into the bar top and customers were allowed to autograph it.  You can still see all of the signatures and notes from the customers today.

In 2010, Fred's is still located in downtown Franklin.  You can still find Fred at the restaurant on most days greeting customers and telling stories about the history of Fred's Restaurant.  The history of Fred's can also be seen on the walls of the restaurant through pictures and news articles.

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Tips For A Cause


Looking to raise money for your organization? Sign your organization up to wait tables at Fred's.  All tips made by your organization are yours to keep.  Contact us for more information.